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Martini glasses

"Muriel's Martini Bar"

My late mother was known to enjoy a martini at 5:00 pm sharp.  The ritual was so well-known among family and friends that acquaintances of mine going as far back as kindergarten, when adults, would contact my mother if they were having a bad day.  They would ask if they could stop by at 5:00.  She understood the "code" and would have nibbles and a martini waiting for them at her home in Studio City.

Her martini glass collection has been in storage for the last five years.  It consists of about 150 one-of-a-kind art pieces and commonplace items that she acquired when travelling and others that family members came across and thought she would enjoy.  While some are expensive, her favorite was a classic martini shape with a silver band around the rim.  It cost only $3.00 at Home Goods!

In storage, the glasses were literally collecting dust and I thought displaying them would be a nice tribute to her.  I have enjoyed Jose's food for years and when he and Jesus took over The Ramp I told them about my mom and her martinis.  I asked if I could display some of her collection and they enthusiastically agreed.  I made a scaled-down mock-up of the display with a few glasses and they approved.  Within a week, the glasses were dusted off & on display at the restaurant.

Here is  toast to my mom and to you for appreciating her collection! 

Thank you, Bob Paris

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